Dymo Labelwriter 400 and S10

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    First off, great forum; I’ve found a lot of usefull information from it!

    But untill now I could not find info about the following:

    I have a Wyse S10 and a Dymo Labelwriter 400 with an USB cable.
    My question is; Can I plug the Dymo Labelwriter in the Wyse S10, start the Citrix-Session and print with the Dymo Labelwriter in the ‘Windows-Session’?

    I hope this is al clear, I just started working with the Wyse terminals.


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    never tested a Dymo Printer but theoretically is should work just fine.
    Plug it in and go to the Printer configuration on the S10.
    Verify that the correct port (LPT1- USB) is used and most important that the Printer Identification field is showing the correct value.
    Value should be the printer driver name used for this printer inside the ICA session.

    Let me know if it is working so we can add the printer to the list of working devices.


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    My printer happens to be a labelwriter 400 turbo too. It works on wyse v10L on windows 2003 TS

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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