Dual Monitor for VM Desktops?

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    We currently use the S10VDI devices for connectivity to backend VMware Desktops – via the Leostream connection broker.

    We have some users who require dual monitors.

    Do you know if the V50 will support this conifguration? i.e. have the v50 connect to a windows XP desktop hosted on VMware via the leostream CB? Will the VM Desktop recognise that there are two monitors?


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    There is a new V50L with duel video outputs via a splitter cable that may do the job and also a V10L due for release soon.

    With both these models they will do spanned desktops but not extended desktops. Whats the difference? With spanned the task bar runs along the entire screen and if you maximise a window it fills both screens. Its still possible to drag one app in each window if you size it correctly.

    Extended desktop allows you to drag a app to the second screen and maximise it only filling the one screen. This currently I believe only works in Citrix however this may change soon.

    Also, as you may be aware it is not possible to have two virtual video cards in a VMware box currently,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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