DST and Outlook

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    Users on these terminals are not able to double click and add an appointment for the following dates in Outlook 2003:-

    Sunday 27th March 2011
    Monday 28th March 2011

    They get an error message that reads:-

    “This time is not valid due to daylight saving time”

    As a workaround you can right mouse click on those said two dates to add an appointment but I am not sure if this will alter the time when the clocks go forward on 27th March 2011 as I am based in the UK.

    Below is the code entry for the wnos.ini file:-

    TimeZone=’Greenwich Mean Time’ ManualOverride=yes Daylight=yes Start=030507 End=100506 TimeZoneName=”GMT Standard Time” DayLightName=”GMT Daylight Time”

    Can anyone confirm if it is OK to add this date with the above workaround and if the code is indeed correct?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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