Dropping Connections On V90l with Xpe

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    I have recently been handed a project that my colleague was tearing his hair out with and I am now in the same boat.

    We have a v90L with XPe installed and have it connected via wireless. It uses the VIA USB Lan adapter drivers.

    I have put a brand new image on that Wyse supplied to us and it establishes a connection with our wireless network without any problems.

    However after about a minute it can no longer access the internet and the connection to the defualt gateway times out. The wireless connection shows connected at all times.

    We have other desktop/laptop machines with wireless cards that access the internet with no problems. If you disable & re-enable the connection on the wyse terminally manually the connection becomes live again then drops out yet again.

    I have had lengthy email conversations with wyse and they have explained that there is an issue with VIA drivers and Cisco infrastructure??. They sent me a revised driver that was supposed to address these issues but it didn’t work!

    Can anyone shed any light on what may be causing these failures as I am just about to scrap the whole idea of using Wyse terminals to be honest.

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    This was an issue the VIA based chipset has with Cisco access points (google and you will see this).

    To be honest its a while since I was across this one and I believed it was resolved. Also the issue as I saw it was not so much dropping as not being able to roam between access points.

    Unfortunately as this will require a software update you will have to keep progressing this with Wyse.

    As a mater of interest, if you use a different USB wireless card (non-Wyse) does the issue remain? Just to confirm it is the card an not something screwy with the OS setup,


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    Have you found anything out about this issue at all? I have been having the same exact issue with our V90L devices.

    I have noticed however that the machine when the connection drops, the machine does re-associate to the wireless access point, and gets an IP address, however, it is unable to access anything.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Cory Mahder

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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