Display Settings Won’t retain even after write filter disabl

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    OK, here is the deal. I have 2 different images for my employees. One at 1280X1024 and one at 1024X768. The 1280 resolution works great, NO issues. The 1024 image, however reverts back to 1280 EVERY TIME I reboot a client. I disabled write filter and logged in as admin, then made the change and rebooted. It reverts again. Also, it will revert to the 1024 setting EVERY TIME I log in as admin now. So, for some reason, the settings are not being held in the the regular account.

    Specs are below:

    Wyse R90LEW Thin Client
    Windows WES V 5.01

    Any help would be great as this is driving me NUTS!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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