Digital camera on 9150SE – please help!

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    Hi, This is Bart from Poland. Iam very new here. 1 week ago I bought my first term 9150SE.
    I have problem with installing Canon Powershot A520 camera. There is no any drivers in XPe system.
    On my 9150se is installed XPe SP2 for S90 (9S92_S496_256)
    Normally on ordinary XP Home or XP pro there is no problem with install my camera, it is automaticly. But on my WYSE system asking for drivers. Unfortunatelly there is no drivers for XP on canon site. I suppose I need to install WIA UI from this site ( how to install it. I dont know because it have no exe file:(

    There is no way to use card reader – I bought WYSE to control remotelly my camera to make time lapse movies.

    Please help

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    – Log on as an administrator (hold Shift while logging off to get the logon dialog). Passwod is “Administrator”
    – disable the WriteFilter
    – Copy the content of the WIA package to your system in the corresponding folders 8eg. windows, windowssystem32, etc)
    – activate WriteFilter again

    If you need to install any drivers feel free to use any XP drivers or the original Windows XP Installation CD.


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    Dear Master,
    thank you for your advice
    I have installed WIA UI, and now I have a new camera and scanners icon and the control panel.
    However, I still can not install the camera. Acctually I can not install any camera that using WIA and PTP (picture tranfer protocol)
    But I think both WIA and PTP are present in my system.
    Have you any idea how to install it and make to see camera icon in My computer folder.
    Maybe i should copy some files from normal XP pro SP2 to XPe, but which files?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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