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    As i already pointed out in the “Time issue on” topic we had some VNC issue after upgrading to firmware the problem was we where not able to connect to any Wyse device with firmware

    Now after some mail confirmation with Wyse we found out the option MaxVNCD has a different behavior in firmware

    If you use firmware 6.4.x.x MaxVNCD does the follow :

    MaxVNCD={0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5} Specifies the number of concurrent VNC sessions allowed. Set to 0 to disable shadowing, or a non-zero absolute count of the number of concurrent VNC sessions. Maximum count value allowed is 5.

    If you use firmware 6.5.x.x MaxVNCD does the follow:

    MaxVNCD={no, yes} Yes/no option to enable VNC shadowing. Default value is yes which means VNC shadowing is enabled. Note that only one VNC client session is allowed.

    Now we used MaxVNCD=2 to allow our system administrators and if needed our service desk employees view a user at the same time. If you upgrade to firmware this option disables VNC on your terminal at all 🙁 and at this moment there is no option to allow more then 1 connection to your terminal.

    Anyway i hope Wyse will come up with a fix and mean while i hope people will notice this change in firmware

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    Thanks aLIE for this.
    As an addition to this: VNC is now much faster then in any earlier versions.


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