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    Having an issue with our v30l units running where we go to duplicate the device configuration on one unit using WDM 4.5.3 that it copies all settings minus Display. Has anyone else seen this before, if so how do I clone device display settings? I need all units to operate at 1024×768 and not the default 800×600.

    I have also tried this with 4.5.1 with the same results.

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    That is a know issue. Download that file and replace it under wwwroot

    After that you’ll have to extract the setting again.


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    So that worked for pulling the display, but now when I lay down this device configuration it is missing all other information (ICA, etc) any ideas?

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    How do you create the package?
    Did you check anything in the Package Wizard while extracting the config?
    Post your settings.reg (can be found under /ftproot/rapport/package_name/) somewhere and I will download it and take a look.


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    First let me say welcome to FWM.

    The purpose of the TPL file is to filter out non common settings. Display for example is one of them. You could have a user/monitor that does not want/support the higher resolutions. Computer/host name is another example that is filtered out by the tpl file. I have seen cases when the tpl file is modified it can create issues down the road when building packages. As you may be experiencing.

    Now that I have mentioned my disclaimer here is a easy workaround to resolve your display issues. After you get your settings.reg file in the software repository, open in it notepad and paste the following at the bottom. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BLANK LINE (CARRIAGE RETURN) AT THE END OF THE FILE.

    ;Add the below keys to settings.reg to maintain video resolution when createing an image 1024×768 75 Hz.


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    Hi Mr. Neo,

    you are right that adding this section will bring the display settings to the clients but normally you do not want to do this all the time manually.
    The latest template file corrects an issue that was identified by Wyse and adds the Display settings back.
    So, using this tpl file will extract display settings and port them to new units perfectly.


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