Deployment of X90CW: Remote Desktop vs onboard OS

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    Hi everyone,

    My experience with Wyse terminals to date has been with a lab full of 1125SE’s, which did little but boot up and connect to a Windows terminal server. We now have a need for portability, and are looking into purchasing a batch of X90CW laptop form factor units with Windows Embedded. They will be used in a high school lab environment. I am their IT contractor, so I am not always in-house but always on call.

    A standard config needs to be available for each machine- basic Office, web browsing, and a special application from a software vendor they’ve contracted with- not very complex, simple config.

    From a management perspective, what are my options for deploying such a setup? My first thought is to use the same type of config I always have- boot from a TFTP server and open up an RDP session to the terminal server- but maybe that’s not taking full advantage of the X90. What do you think?

    My main concern is management of the client OS. If they don’t use the embedded Windows OS, there isn’t anything to break and very little to manage, and changes/updates/patches/etc only need to be made once, on the terminal server. But if there’s a better way to do this, I’d appreciate suggestions, recommended reading, etc.



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    Not sure if I understood you correctly.
    Do you want to install Office etc locally on the X90CW? This is permitted by MS licensing.
    If you just want to use this an entry point to your TS environment that this will work just fine. Although I would recommend the X90M7 (WES7) or X50M (Linux) for that purpose as the X90CW is not the fastest machine.
    With the X50M you do not have the mgmt issue like with a Windows OS.


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