Dell 5070 ThinOS 9.0.3 USB Headset Citrix Virtual Apps

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    Hi All

    I’m looking for some assistance with a USB Headset not working on Dell 5070 ThinOS terminal.


    Dell 5070 ThinOS running version 9.0.3

    Citrix Farm is Windows 2012 R2 running 7.15 LTSR CU4

    I have enabled on the Citrix Policies the following:

    • Audio over UDP real-time transport – Enabled
    • Audio Plug N Plug – Allowed
    • Client Audio redirection – Allowed
    • Client Microphone redirection – Allowed
    • Client USB device optimisation rules, the the below entry set
      • Mode=00000002 VID=0x0572 PID=1434 class=01 #SOUNDSHIELD UC20 connected
    • Client USB device redirection – Allowed

    On the device using WMS I have:

    • Under Broker & Session enabled Enable UDP Audio
    • Im not excluding Audio or Video devices

    The headset works on Windows 10 using Receiver v18 so it would seem that the Citrix Policies are working OK and it is limited to Linux. I have installed Fedora on a laptop and configured Citrix Receiver 2006 for Linux with USB support package as well, on Fedora I get the sound coming from the headset but no mic and when viewing “devices” inside the Citrix session, I do no see the headset at all. The sound is showing “Citrix HDX audio”.

    When connecting on the Dell Wyse 5070 inside the Citrix session under “Devices” i see the headset but no sound or mic, the sound sounds “Citrix HDX audio”

    The headset works outside of Citrix when testing on 5070 and on Fedora.

    If I use a headset with a 3.5mm jack instead of USB all works fine.

    I also have a webcam which is working without a problem.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks Jason



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    I cannot comment on this particular headset but maybe you should consider trying a different one as you see big issues with Fedora also.


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    Hi CG,

    Thank you for the suggestion, I also tried a Jabra/Netcomm headset and same problem.

    The headset works on the thinOS device no problems, even when I connect into XenApp (Published Server OS desktop) I can see the headset listed and Device Manager shows it under “Sound, video and game controllers”.

    Under Sound in Control Panel, the audio shows Citrix HDX and under recording as HDX device (when I have nothing plugged in, nothing is shown)

    When I have the headset plugged in and logging into Citrix from the ThinOS i can hear feedback from the MIC in the ear piece, as soon as the Desktop loads the feedback goes dead.

    To me, it sounds like I’m missing something simple just don’t know what.

    Kind Regards


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