Delayed response on V90 units

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    We have modified the base image provided by Wyse for our purposes. By modify I mean pretty much we create many connections from within citrix, and patched with all of the required updates. Whenever a client clicks on an icon it takes a good 10-30 seconds before the application starts to work. This happens whether you are an admin or a user. Also if you right click on something the same happens. Now this image is same as the image used for the old 9450’s (configuration wyse) and the amount of memory available on those units is only 25 mb and they have no delay in their response. I checked the services and didn’t see many differences. Is there anything which I might be missing? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any assistance will be greately appreciated.

    Also on a sidenote, if I were to run rapport scrips to install files will they work if I do it from the user account or from the logon screen (ctrl+alt+delete), as long as the LU is deleted, please advise.

    Thank you for any information that can be shared.

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    Sounds like a name resolution or similar issue – I have seen plenty of S90’s and V90’s and they work fine so my guess is its configuration.

    Check you have the ICA browser using the correct XML port and hard set ICA client to http not Auto – it could be trying to find the servers. I use a CNAME for ICA pointing to a Citrix DC as all ICA clients look for this.

    Put ethereal on a terminal and do a packet capture and you should see what is going on right away.

    Also the Hagent runs as system so if you have the unit lot logged in you can still copy files, just don’t use the LU command as it can not display the splash screen while not logged in and the script will not run. remember if using MR to nominate what user hive to load to.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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