DDC for v90 xpe devices question

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    I use DDC for our WTOS terminals and that works great. We also use some v90’s and I’m interested in setting up DDC for these as well.

    If I add a bunch of packages to the DDC (think for example of windows updates (QFE’s) as they come out 6-10 at a time), when they execute do they install sequentially one at a time, or do they install all at once so that the terminal does not have to keep rebooting to disable/re-enable EWF?

    Our environment is 24/7 (hospital) so there is never a good time to update terminals when reboots are required. If I have to apply 50 windows updates with a reboot to disable and another reboot to re-enable EWF, it will take forever and inconvenience our users too much, so I am hoping all updates will run one after another without all the reboots in between.

    Otherwise, i suppose i could combine the rsp’s so that multiple QFe’s are installed for each package.

    Appreciate anybody else’s experience and what they think works best. I know many people do not even bother applying windows updates, but we need to.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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