D90D7 Problem rename Computer

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    I need your help.
    the situation is, that i have a master image created with Windows Embedded Standard 7 Imagex.
    when i now reimage a new thinclient (D90D7) the image work well, but after the installation i tried to change the Computername / Hostname of the new imaged TC.

    all things look good, it accept the new hostname then i have to restart it and after that there did nothing change. there is still the old hostname.

    i also tried to change it in the Registry but also that do not work.

    do you have any idea how i can change the name? it’s a TC for a customer of us.

    Best Wishes
    Florian Amport

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    i propably found the issue.

    it’s because of removing the secret partition.
    There should be a hostname.apc or something like that…

    how can i fix this issue

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    You have to copy all partitions.
    The client name is stored in that partition in a hostname.arc file over a reboot.
    If the file does not exist, then the client is renamed to its default name.


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