Creating an RSP script to install a root certificate update

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    I was hoping someone could help me – I’m new to rsp scripts and wyse device manager.

    I’m trying to create a package to update the root certificates for internet explorer so that users aren’t prompted to install a certificate every time they go to a specific webpage. We know that the exe installs successfully on desktops but I’m looking for a way to automate it.

    This is the script that I’ve tried to add. I’ve also created the corresponding folder in the directory and the folder contains the rootsupd.exe:

    Category=XPe Add-Ons

    CO “XP”
    QU “3” “2”
    XC “rootsupd.exe” “C:rootsupd.exe”
    EX “C:rootsupd.exe”
    LP “30”
    DF “C:rootsupd.exe”


    When I try to run the package it fails on the machine, “your system administrator is now reconfiguring this client” appears on the screen and the package errors. When I check the error details it comes back as:

    Try 1:CreateProcess Failed:2 C:rootsupd.exe Line#: 12 Cmd:EX “C:rootsupd.exe”

    Is someone able ot help me with this? Am I missing something… thanks

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    try to put the program execution in a batch file and modify your rsp script to copy everything to c:temp and then execute the batch file instead of the rootsupd.exe directly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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