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    Hi guys,

    wondering if you can help. Site with approx 700 S10 units – of which 300ish need to have slightly different paramenters in their setup, eg: autologon to the citrix farm (generic user) that citrix profile then loads a pos system for the user who then logon’s on. These user’s only have user names to the POS system and not network.

    My thinking is to just create a “Include = $Mac” I can only find one little bit information on wyse web on this – anyone have any good example that might help – within this ini i need all the units mac addresses and the autologon details.


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    There are several ways of doing this. Let’s start with 2.
    1. Using Wyse Device Manager Enterprise Edition and configure a DDC there (chargeable solution)
    2. Use mac.ini file (free)

    There is a document on my websote on how to confiure WDM DDC, so I will not explain it here.
    Also on my websote you can download a tool called MacGen. Together with the free or Enterprise version of WDM you can extract all mac addresses from the database and directly create mac.ini files for all of them including needed parameters. I think this would be the best way for you to go.
    Put the mac files afterwards in the wnosinc folder and put Include=$mac in your wnos.ini.
    Depending on where you put this Include statement the parser process will stop reading the wnos.ini, go to the mac file, read it and go back to wnos.ini for finishing the reading. You can stop the parsing process using the Exit=all parameter in you mac files.

    HTH for the first tests

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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