Copy /etc/vmware/config on boot?

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    Hey guys,

    we are having 500 + linux suse thin clients, for our VDI environment.
    We are in the disaster recovery business which means clients are having master images in our netwerk, and we deploy them for the clients. however all images report to our clients domains, which means we cannot run policies. (since those are managed by the clients)

    the challenge we face are the bloomberg keyboards and especially the fingerprint readers. at first we solved this with windows embedded thin clients.
    But now with the D50D thin client we managed to get them working yaaayyy.

    the only thing we have to do is edit on the thin client the /etc/vmware/config file with these entries:


    the first rule can be pushed via the wlx.ini however the 2nd one doesn’t produce an entry in the /etc/vmware/config file.

    so we are now wondering is it possible to for example store the config file on the FTP server and when a thin client boots has a script running that copies that file?
    Also i preferably don’t manual make a script on all the thin clients 🙂

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    Pretty sure the second is not known by the parser.
    You could create a script that sets these two values. Then build a WDM package that copies the script to all clients and executes it.
    Have you checked if this has to be added after each boot, so, that it is lost after a reboot?
    If so, create a custom connection which simply autostarts the script each time.


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    Hi CG,

    it is known, we have created a million different options to get this to work.
    and this is the only way to get it done.
    Only the first rule is not sufficient. the spilliting is needed.
    this was tested with:

    and the config file is persistent after reboot, (however if you update the view client the file gets overwritten :))

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