Connection Issues after windows updates

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    Last week we started having random problems with certain Thin Clients not connecting to virtual machines. We are using C10LE and V10LE Thin Clients that look to a FTP server for the WNOS.ini and username.ini. We are on Firmware Version 6.5.0_22 for the V10LE and 7.0.0_30 for the C10LE. WHen we connect it will either say connecting to Virtual Machine name and just hang there and keep trying unsuccessfully or it will say contacting File Server and never get any further. This just started happening about a week ago and the only thing I can think of that changed is we applied a bunch of windows security updates. This does not happen all the time and sometimes the machines that don’t connect just decide to connect after a while. Anybody else seeing similiar issues?

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    Windows update wouldnt cause your terminals to be acting up
    What happens if you RDP directly into the virtual machines from another desktop?
    Also are you using Vmware/Citrix etc?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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