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    Hello guys,

    I recenly got a Wyse Xenith R00LX at the job an am responsible for setting it up with our xendesktop infrastructure to see if it would be a good fit for clients. Iv’e never used it so I went ahead and got the manuals. I see that basically you set these up via a web server that either has ftp/http/https access with subfolder under the wwwroot folder. So I went ahead the added the wyse folder and the subfolder along with a xen.ini file. Now I am not to sure about the xen.ini file and the settings in there. for the PNlite location can i just put the ip of our XDC? also I am not to sure if the server can be a http/https server or does it have to be an ftp? Also I saw a video on youtube where for the DHCP they just added the 181 option to be directed to the***/config.xml location is this generic… can it be an ip or how does it have to be setup. I see that wyse if very generic to their configuration and doesn’t have clear steps. Do i have to add the other dhcp scope options like 161,184,185?

    Please remember I am completely new to this xenith.


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    Check my Products-WTOS section for a doc called First Steps.
    Although written for ThinOS it also applies to Xenith.
    Second thing to do is use my ConfGen tool from this website to generate the xen.ini.

    Come back after that and we can talk about remaining questions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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