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    Hi All,
    First off just wanted to say i’m a big fan of your work πŸ˜€
    (now that the greasing is out of the way…)

    I have recently been brought into the infrastructure department of our company and one of my first “projects” is to install and test the new shiny WDM 4.5 (that we just purchased).
    Currently we just run Rapport 4.4.1 with many 9150(SE) XPe terminals and we have just started getting in the V90 terminals as well.

    I have set up a spare server with the new WDM 4.5 on it, i am a little lost in trying to copy over our current images from the other server, “no problem” i thought, i’ll just connect up one of each terminal with different images on them (we only have 3-4 images) and create an image from the device…
    “No Templates were found for selected device” – is the message from WDM.

    Can someone please explain in small words (cause i’m new to this) how to, either import the old images into the new MSDE Database, or why i am getting the template error when trying to create a new image…

    Thanks in advance, and apologies for being long winded.

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    Hi Shasta,

    no worry about beeing new to WDM. It is sometimes even hard for me to understand what is going on inside WDM after working with it several years.
    The message you see indicate that you do ont click on “Get Device Image” what should work but instead you click “Get Device Configuration” which is not supported with XPe units (only Linux and CE).

    BTW, you should use 4.5.1 as 4.5 is buggy.


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    Awesome, thanks for the info. I will endeavour to upgrade to 4.5.1.

    Just wondering…does anybody know of (or be prepared to help me with) a good guide stating step by step how to import images from our origional server on to this new one? i ask as i have seen a number of posts asking similar questions, but the answers are all a-little over my head.

    And if what you say is correct (i’m in no way doubting you) then if i want to change our images i’ll have to do it via scripts rather than changing it on the device and then getting it from the device…..correct?

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    There really isn’t an easy way to import/export packages from 4.4.1 to 4.5.1. You actually have to create a new package and import it back into WDM. The easiest way would be to do it this way:

    1: Open 4.4.1 and find the package you want. Right click on the package and select View Script. Highlight everything and press Control+C to copy it to the clipboard.

    2: In a new directory, create a text file and paste in the contents. Look under the version heading and find the value for Number. This will be the Name of the package. Copy the value for Name and save the file as .rsp.

    For example, if you saw this.


    Then the name of your text file should be S30_Standard_Image.rsp

    3: Create a new directory in the same directory that you saved the file. It should be named the same as the file you created, but it should not have an extention.

    4: Locate the FTP Root of your Rapport 4.4.1 server. Find the directory that holds the package. The name of the directory should be the same as the one you just created. COPY all of these files to the new directory.

    If you’ve followed the directions right (and more importantly, if I wrote them right!), you should have something like this:


    5: Now open up your Wyse Device Manager console. Right Click on the Package manager and choose new, package. Choose the option to Import the package from an RSP script and point the wizard and the RSP file you just created. WDM will process the RSP script and import it into your database and move the files to the proper location.

    You could go through and create all the RSP scripts first, then populate the directories, and finally import them into WDM when you’re done.

    As far as XPe devices, I do all my configurations by pushing VBScripts to the machine. I use an RSP file to get the script on to the machine.

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    Thats great, thanks so much for the reply and all the help – Worked a treat.

    Now, for my next project, ending thrid world debt 😯

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