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    I have a notebook which I use for the initial imaging process when I am on site (we dont have any WDM/server infrastructure at our remote sites).

    From there, to get it to talk to the main WDM all I USUALLY have to do (99% of the time) is change the IP Address within the Rapport applet in the control panel and its happy. If that doesnt work, im stuffed. Not even a manual device entry into WDM works.

    So now I have a couple of terminals which will not talk to a WDM at all.

    Does anyone have any tried/tested methods of forcing a XPe device to register with WDM so it can be re-imaged?


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    Hi Aaron,

    can’t image why the device should not check in but if so, so the following:
    – Add the device manually in the WDM console (right-click Device Manager)
    – Make sure the MAC address is correct and agent type is HAgent
    – also check “Imageable”
    – Assign the upgrade package to the newly created client
    – Open Update Manager-Scheduled packages
    – right click the package and select “Roll to boot”
    – reboot the unit. It will now pick up the package.


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    This almost worked!

    It got the the PXE screen but then got a READ error when it tried to load up the imaging software…………

    Also, I have noticed in the Log (which I have turned up to debug) that when that S90 tries to boot, WDM reports:
    [DHCP] – Device 00806469A63D is a RTI Agent.

    What does this mean?
    It does not seem to do it for any of the other terminals which are OK.


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    I reinstalled WDM (again) and it works.

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    I’m getting the same problem, anyone know a work around OTHER than reinstalling WDM?

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