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    “I think the NHL is looking across Chris Pronger Jersey North America and saying, ‘Where’s the strongest economy?’ and they’re seeing that it is indeed Saskatchewan,” he said.”I think what’s happening in Winnipeg has really changed the economic modelling,” he continued.”Do we have the business community to buy 48 boxes at $200,000 each plus advertising? I can’t speak to that, … but I can tell you that we do have one of the hottest economies in North America and I think there would be some private-sector interest.”But Cheveldayoff wouldn’t say what role Claude Giroux Jersey the government might play beyond providing information to prospective investors. He did say the government is “always interested in modernizing our facilities and making sure that they’re able to attract the very best possible.The group is said to be looking for upgrades to 15,300 seat Credit Union Centre, but not increased capacity. The arena recently entered into a lease agreement on 13 acres of city-owned land bordered by Thatcher Avenue and 60th Street to use as overflow parking lot. Around $500,000 is needed to convert the land to a crushed rock parking lot. The additional parking would brings the capacity at the arena to 4,000 vehicles.There are plans on the books this year to expand the concourse and lobby and some room for extra corporate boxes, officials say. The city has asked different levels of Danny Briere Jersey government about extending Marquis Drive to help with access to the arena, sources say.The group approached government at this stage to solidify its proposal to the NHL. The On Ice group’s expression of interest is thought to be targeted at the Phoenix Coyotes, the NHL-owned team based in Glendale, Ariz. The group told city officials it had a deadline of mid-February to bring a proposal to the NHL. This is the last year the NHL will own the Coyotes with two groups reportedly looking to purchase the team and keep it in Glendale, but none thus far able to finalize a sale.The government has not made any commitments to proponents of a Saskatoon team, nor has it been asked to do so, Cheveldayoff said.”We continue to meet with them,” he said, noting it was within the “last number of weeks” that he was first approached. “There’s nothing formal. It’s just been an Jaromir Jagr Jersey exchange of information and we continue to encourage them or anybody else that wants to look at a professional sport franchise here in Saskatchewan.”

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