Citrix Package v2006.1130 Issues ThinOS 9.0.3030

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    Hi Thomas,

    Hope all is well this forum is brilliant and has been very helpful over the years.

    Recently upgraded a large 5070 Wyse estate to ThinOS 9.0 we are having some issues at the moment with the OS / Mapping to Citrix.

    1. The Device USB Headset (Plantronics 3.15M) and Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 is not being automatically setup as the default audio and recording device within the Citrix VDI a large list of DP Audio selections appear the users have to go into Microsoft Teams every time they login to select the Headset and Webcam I have specified the peripheral device names in the ThinOS Policies to enforce but they are not selected as default (checked System info to ensure the name was correct) – this looks like a bug as we didn’t have this issue with ThinOS 8.6

    2. Keyboard mappings setup on ThinOs 9.x Policies for our international based users e.g. English US for our users in Hong Kong are also not being read by Citrix Workspace – users also have to set this up when they login to a clean Citrix Session. If I use a ThinOS 8.6 Terminal this issue is not present.

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    2. is a verified bug in the CWA and should be fixed in the next CWA release

    1. I have heard about that also, but am not aware of any fixes


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    Thanks For this Thomas – Appreciate you shedding some light.

    I will ensure a ticket is logged with Dell Support for the Audio Selection issues.



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