Citrix Client Upgrade

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    I have been advised by citrix to upgrade to PS 4.5 we require Citrix PNA v10.1 or greater.

    Now our current environment consists of the follow TC/WTOS Version

    1200 – 5.2.0_60
    1125 – 5.2.0_53
    1150 – 5.3.0_20
    v10L – 6.1.0_08

    My questions are:

    How can i tell which version of the Citrix PNA agent is on each? I believe most may have v9.1 or 9.2.

    I know the older models (1200 and 1125) are out of support, is it still possible to install the latest Citrix PNA on them?

    How can i install the latest version on all TC’s?

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    Our enviroment is more like the same, Windows 2003 Server + Citrix PS 4.5 and all needed updates :

    1200 – 5.2.0_60 > We have 4 off those but not using them anymore, we do have version but never tested.

    1125 – 5.2.0_53 > Works perfect, we have (was develop on our request, but i think it is available for others aswell) This incl. ConnectionManager available when using Privilege=none / USB Readonly and timeserver fix. This is not based on ICA client 10.x

    1150 – 5.3.0_20 > Works perfect, we have (same as above develop on our request with the needed fix). I’m not sure which ICA version includes in

    v10L – 6.1.0_08 > Works perfect, but we are using (only version and above includes the ConnectionManager fix). Version 6.2.x includes ICA client version 10.x

    Firmware updates at our company are done by using the FTP option.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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