Can’t pull the image from S30

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    I’ve Wyse s30 that I need to pull the image from. I haven’t done this before. Can anyone tell me step by step what to do and what I need?
    I’ve two XP machines and a switch. No server and no router. Is it actually possible to do it?


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    I managed to connect everything…
    First Xp pc have turboDhcp and tftp32
    Second has WDM 472

    I can see device in WDM. I changed boot order to boot from PXE but when it starts it’s booting from TFTP but keeps rebooting.

    I ran get device image and it went thorugh but folder with the image shows 0kb. WDM shows it has 65MB…

    Any ideas?

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    Pulling a CE image is not supported nor recommended. Folow the steps in the “Creating a CE image and WDM DDC ” document that can be found in the Products section.


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