Can’t image a few 9450XE ‘s

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    I’m a first time poster; this is a fantastic site you guys are running here. I hope you’ll forgive my incredibly newbie question but I’ve just started to venture into managing Wyse boxen and I’m in need of a little help.

    My company just got its hands on a batch of 9450XE’s which were abandoned by another company. The general consensus is we need to just image them and just start anew rather than fuss around with removing the admin password and all that.

    I started by resetting the BIOS defaults and adding the machines to the WDM Device Manager. Our WDM server had no trouble discovering the first one, but at first the ‘Imageable’ attribute was set to No. After rebooting the thin client, Imageable changed to Yes. Hooray, I thought. I dragged the Wyse factory image into the Device Manager, but the machine did not appear in the wizard. I went back and looked in the device manager and found that ‘Imageable’ on that device had changed to No again. Well what the heck.

    I fussed with that for about an hour and decided to try using Wyse’s Simple Imager tool instead. I followed the instructions in their PDF manual to the letter, but when the thin client boots up (to LAN first) it says it hasn’t received any dhcp offer and proceeds to boot to Windows. This is odd, because it’s connected to a system running DHCP Turbo and an open Simple Imager session via crossover cable.

    I’m very, very stumped. Do you guys have any advice on where I should start troubleshooting?

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    First of all, welcome to FreeWyseMonkeys.
    I would stick with WSI in your case.
    – Make sure DHCP Turbo is really working and handing out IP addresses
    – Make sure TFTP is running and configured the right way.
    – Install MS Netmon on your WSI server and make a trace.
    Check there is the unit is asking for DHCP and getting an answer
    – What is the message you see on the 9450 while doing PXE?
    – If nothing helps, try the USB imager from this website.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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