Can’t have different configurations on DHCP for two wnos.ini

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    We have a Citrix farm here and loads of Wyse terminals which were installed before I started working here. Whenever a new terminal is added it automatically gets its settings from an FTP server without any manual configuration apart from the hostname.

    I’m in the process of removing Citrix and replacing it with an RDS farm and I’ve converted a couple of other labs with RDS clients but these are not Wyse terminals they are other brands.

    Is there any way I can get a specific set of terminals to get their config from another server rather than as usual where they just automatically pick up the settings, I don’t want to get rid of that functionality just that as the Citrix farm is still going to be around for a while yet I’m just wondering if there’s a way I could perhaps manually configure a few clients to do this.


    I’ve got a bit further with this now and I’ve made another directory on the FTP server called RDP and put the required settings in wnos.ini.

    I’ve then changed the fileserver path setting in network setup to point to the new directory however when a network cable is plugged in it goes back to the old directory automatically and sets it up as a Citrix client.

    If I give the device a static IP and then put the fileserver path in manually it works and connects to the RDS servers as intended but when I set it back to DHCP it reverts to being a Citrix client. Is there any way I can the clients with a DHCP address but the manual Fileserver?

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    I can only think off a separate Vlan for the devices you want to configure, so you keep your devices on DHCP and you just change your DHCP option (the DHCP option tag) for the new vlan to the directory you like.

    We have on here 2 vlan’s for Wyse, 1 for Citrix XenApp 5 and 1 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 both are using DHCP, same FTP server just looking to different directory on the FTP server.

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    You are obviously using DHCP option tag 161 to provide the fileserver IP to the clients.
    You can remove this and then you can modify the fileserver entry in each client manually. But no client will get the config automatically if started the fist time. All existing units will of course continue to work without modification, reading the original wnos.ini.
    If this is OK for you, you are fine to go. If not, consider aLiEs tip or your machine based .ini files, depending on how many units you have.


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    Just set up DHCP reservations on the scope for the ones you want with a different configuration, and change the 161 tag for those clients.



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    We handled this by setting up a new DHCP Vendor Class and manually putting it the new class into the WYSE devices we want loaded with a different wnos.ini.

    But after reading this thread I think jamesjhuges solution is much simpler and more complete. It wouldn’t require any manual configuration on the WYSE devices should they get factory reset.

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