cannot connect with ubuntu server using XDMCP . . .

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    My wyse thin clients cannot connect with the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS using XDMCP. This is a bug in ubuntu that has not been fixed. The XDMCP is not real secure but allows the older stunted thin clients to run newer programs on the server. Has anyone developed an ldm.pak for the wyse thin clients so they can connect over an ssh tunnel instead of gdm or xdm? I’m committed to Ubuntu server (I think it will take over the world)! Yes, I’ve connected the thin clients by ssh for one program at a time, but I want the user to have access to a gnome or kde DESKTOP!

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    I gave up with 8.04, and stuck with 7.04. Ubuntu 8.04 had another showstopper bug where the maximum number of X sessions was set to 16 by GDM regardless of what you set it to in gdm.conf or gdm.conf-custom.

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