Can Rapport Ent. manage remote location?

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    Hi, 🙂

    I have 200 TC’s (XPe based), and I have also a Rapport Enterprise Edition license for 200 TC’s. Now my 100 TC’s are installed on location X, and another 100 TC’s are installed on remote location, location Y. I want to manage my all 200 TC’s which is existing on location X and location Y both from location X, and I also want that which TC’s are installed on location Y my supporting staff could manage itself but they couldn’t manage the location X.

    And I also want to use only single Rapport Database (RapportDB) which will be install on location X, and i also want that both location, location X and location Y has their own Software Repositories (FTP Server).

    Can is it possible by using single Rapport Enterprise Edition, or to achieve this target what should I do?

    If anybody knows regarding this scenarios please tell me.

    Annu 8)

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    Hi Annu,

    This would be the approach I would take.

    1/ In location X install Rapport Enterprise
    2/ Deploy the 186 Option tag in the DHCP scope to all sites
    3/ Install an ftp server at site Y (this will be the remote repository)
    4/ Install the Rapport console in a location accessible to all support staff (on their PC’s or on a Citrix Server)
    5/ In the security section assign each support staff member with the rights you would like them to have. This will control what they can do.
    6/ Set up a Rapport view to separate the two sites so it is easy for support staff to know which terminals they are managing.

    This will almost meet all your requirements, you will not be able to stop support in site y managing terminals in site x but you can limit what they can do. All the information you need to set this up should be on this site if you dig around. I hope this is of use,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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