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    I use my client directly to my PC, naturally i use a crossover cable and this works excellently. i was wondering if a straight through would work direct or would i need a hub to do the crossing for me?

    also i have my broadband modem linked to my wireless internet hub
    this has 5 ports, one for the BB modem and four free NICS. if i use the wireless lan to connect to the internet through my XP PC,

    can i plug a straight through into the hub directly to the client and set the internet options/network as automatic config and access the internet this way?

    other WYSE I will use my wireless LAN to access the internet on my XP PC and RDP to my admin account through the client, i can still use the internet through RDP though! just wondered!

    thank you again guys!

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    Yup, for sure you can use the switch in the wireless router. This is a MUCH better way to do it rather than a crossover cable to your PC as the Wireless router will do DHCP and all the address translations.

    Get a straight through cable and just plug the terminal in and that’s it. If DHCP is turned on you can RDP to your PC or go out to the net – sweet!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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