C50LE / R50LE setup questions

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    We are currently reviewing some newer wyse devices as opposed to the older devices we have in the field (v90’s and v90L XPE machines).

    And since I am fairly new to Linux I have a few questions that I am hoping someone can assist with:

    Give you some info on what I would like them to do:

    Our current XPE model works like this:

    Turn it on and the devices boots into the default user Wyse installs on the image but through the admin logon I installed the full citrix online plugin and configure it for auto logon when the general user powers on the device.

    The plugin connects via url to our citrix farm and loads a published desktop with internet IE icons and thats it. They have no rights to anything with the write-filter turned on so they can only see the published IE icons we have. Also each device has it’s own user login. Yes each device is configured with its own user logon.

    It is a fairly simple setup but works great.

    Linux Device:

    I would like the exact same thing to happen on the Linux device. I see that it has a ICA setup in control center but when I add the info, it never authenticates even though I can enter the same info on a XPE device and connect without error. I also was trying to use the INI method by placing a configured wlx.ini (very basic file gentereated from the program I downloaded from this site)on the Rapport server and pointing the INI on the device in the control center to this and it does absolutely nothing that I can see.

    Second thing, as with the XPE device I can use remote shadow to connect via vnc on the deivce and I am able to log the standard user out and holding the shift key bring up the admin login screen but on the Linux device if it is already logged on I can use vnc (remote shadow) but if I want to switch from lets say the thinapp user(will be auto logged in) to admin I get dropped from remote shadow, so to me it seems pointless since there is now way for me to log in.

    We do not let our users have any admin rights to these devices but if there is no way for me to get remote admin access via the Rapport server, the devices are useless.

    I am sure being a nub on Linux there are ways around this, but after a few days of research I cannot seem to find the answers I need to get these to work as close as I can to what I already have deployed.

    Any info or direction would be awesome.

    Again I am new to this paticular OS so there is a learning curve.

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