C50LE Guest Autologin Issue.

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    I have tried Guest autologin on C50LE SuSe linux enterprise desktop, I want to know that how can I break guest auto login and login as Admin account to disable guest auto login. Please suggest me a procedure beside G-key terminal reset.


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    I am testing some C50LE units for a kiosk deployment and ran into a similar issue. When the guest user is set to automatically log in, there is no apparent way to get back to the admin account to change settings. Frankly, it seems like a design flaw. Most commonly I have seen people refer to a g-key factory reset, but that seems like overkill to log in as a different user.

    Another thread suggests a way to use a remote window client to run some of the utilities to change settings, assuming you have the correct software available.

    What I ended up doing was connecting to the device via SSH and logging in as the admin account there (default password is admin as well). From here you can ‘su’ to the root account (again, default password is admin) to edit a configuration file.

    The file to edit is /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager

    Unfortunately vi is the only editor I could find on a factory install, so ‘vi /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager’

    You will find a line that says:

    Remove guest from this line (leave the “”) and save the file and exit.

    At the thin client, Ctrl+Alt+Del and log out. It should bring up the standard login window where you can log in as admin and change settings.

    One caveat I found was that editing the guest user would show the “auto login” box as unchecked, but the change wouldn’t take when the device was rebooted. Repeating the process and then editing the guest user, checking the “auto login” option, saving, and then editing and un-checking the box would save the change across reboots.

    It would be nice if there were an option to switch users to allow for the opportunity to get back to the admin account regardless of the settings, though that could have security implications as it would allow a user to potentially guess the admin password and change the device settings. The HP thin clients we’ve used in the past have this option (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) and it has never been an issue. It comes in very handy for situations such as this. It is unfortunate that such a complex process is needed to back out of that particular combination of settings.

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    You can also use a Logincounter. That way you can interrupt the login process and login as an admin.


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    Adding a login delay will allow you can cancel the auto login and enter another user. It also resolves an issue I have had with the VNC service failing to start properly.

    Autologin=yes CountDown=60

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