C10 and USB Printing

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    Hey guys, I’ve been going nuts trying to figure this out. It seemed fairly straightforward too.

    I’ve got a C10LE and I’m trying to get a USB printer setup to it. It’s a Muratec F-315 print. I have the driver installed on a Terminal Services computer but the test page from the C10LE, or from the terminal session do not printer. The job just hangs in the terminal session.

    I’ve tried multiple USB ports, and I’ve been using the ThinOS GUI to set up the printer as this is the only thin client unit that will be using it. I’m also not sure which LPT refers to which USB port.

    In the gui I did the following:
    Port: LPT 1
    Printer Name: F-315 GDI
    Printer Identification: Muratec F-315
    The printer class is blank, and I do have the printer checked as enabled.

    The printer does redirect to the terminal session I just can’t get anything to print! Am I doing something wrong, or is the F-315 just not a supported device that I can use?


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    Never heard about ot used that printer but what you did looks pretty fine to me.
    Just make sure the value under “Printer Identification” matches the printer driver name in the session.


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    Yeah I finally had the chance to try the same setup with an HP printer instead. I was able to get that going without any problems so I’m assuming that Muratec printer just doesn’t want to play nice with the Wyse device.

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