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    I am using Wyse Device Manager to update the firmware on my thin clients. Currently I am trying to update some S30 thin clients to firmware Windows CE 6.0 Build 666 (from 664, 656, etc).

    The problem I am having is this: From WDM I try to push the package and it will just sit in the scheduled packages for a very long time, basically never goes (let it sit overnight). I have 2 thin clients that this happens to at the moment.

    Just for fun I tried a reverse FTP from the S30 thin client and it actually gives me an error, which follows:

    “Cannot install this firmware which is incompatible with detected hardware.
    Current hardware code: 8000001F
    Image Hardware code: 7F”

    I looked at the systems page to see if there was anything that was different in the hardware and the only thing I can see is on the line “Bootrom Chip Type:” is states “Unknown” where an S30 thin client that has no issues getting the 666 firmware has a bootrom chip type of “SST49LF020A.”

    Does anyone know of a way to get these thin clients to update or get the bootrom chip type to say it’s correct type value?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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