booting to wdm without pxe

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    Ok I have a very interesting problem… I need to be able to reimage and or add software to V90 terminals but I cant use PXE. I already have a PXE network that is supporting my workstations so I cant intrude on that network. So I have played around with booting from a floppy or usb stick and trying to get to the rapport server but its not working out for me. Ideally I would want to do is boot off of a usb stick that would attach to rapport (wdm) and image my boxes in the same way it would if I used pxe. Any ideas?

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    First of it is possible to have more than one PXE server on the same network, most other PXE service like RIS, Altiris etc can be configured not to respond to Wyse MAC’s (00 80 64 XX XX XX). WDM will only ever respond to a device with the Hagent installed.

    IF its still not go for you to push a software update does not require PXE, so the easiest way may be to prep the boxes, but them out and just deliver software updates. You can use the USB imaging on this site to flash the firmware if you have to.

    I have tried booting the floppy locally and connecting to the WDM server and not been able to make it work as WDM needs to interact with the device before it will image it.


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    well after some work i have come up with a USB flash drive using the USB imager you guys have here on your site. but what i am diong is mapping a drive from a share on the WDM server and placing the image there. so the flash drive is only a 32 meg unit. i think i may be able to get this onto a floppy but not sure yet. that way the server can hold the most recent image and i can give the usb drives out to support staff and not worry about updating them.

    my problem with PXE is that we use PXE forwarding so where if i just had two PXE servers on a LAN may work out ok each of our LANS are connected over a WAN that forwards all PXE requests to non-WDM servers.

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    Hello jmccammond,

    you may block the UDP-Ports 67-69 (if not needed for dhcp) on the WAN connection. This will inhibit a PXE (TFTP-Transfers) over the WAN-connection, but this means you may need a second dhcp-server on the other side of the WAN.

    If you really use PXE forwarding over a WAN Connection, please keep in mind that PXE (not the later ftp-Transfers) use TFTP as protocol. TFTP is a simple connectionless network protocol. If there is a error (e.g. timing transfer error) there is no way to re-transfer the missing block. I would not use TFTP over WAN-connections at all.


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