Automate package registration?

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    Hi, new member and relatively new to WDM. 😀

    Has anyone found a way to automatically register packages for distribution to clients? I’d like to be able to roll a package (in this case to distribute a certificate to a machine) and have a script to register it with Rapport/WDM and ideally schedule an update for the client when it next checks in. Thoughts?

    I currently only have 4 thin clients but I may end up with hundreds, and I’m looking for a manageable way to distribute a machine certificate to each after they are imaged and when they check in with WDM in the field.


    PS – if it matters: XPe clients, WDM on Win32, MSSQL server

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    That is nearly core WDM functionality. You can write your own scripts (see WDM help file) and register it.
    After that schedule it to all devices.
    OK, this is a manual process but not really a big thing.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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