Auto-Edit Server Locations?

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    We have an S30/Windows CE 5.0 Wyse environment. My Citrix admins are looking to decommission a couple of the zone data collectors that are listed in the server address list (Server tab in the Edit Connection Details window). They then want to have two new servers added to that list. Does anyone know if there’s an easy way to make that change on all 300 or so S30 thin clients in our environment without reimaging them or manually remoting into each one and making the changes? Is there possibly a script that can be created and then pushed to all the terminals via WDM? Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    It might be possible if you created a registry file with the necessary server entries and then create an RSP script to push it out. That way it could be registered as a package on WDM which you can schedule as an update.

    I haven’t tested this, but it is similar to something else I have done in the past, so it should hopefully work.

    The best way to get the registry format for your desired list would be to grab the configuration from one of your manually configured terminals. Then open up the settings.reg file in notepad, and do a CTRL+F search for one of your server addresses. For example, if you’re using the primary server group and a TCP+HTTP browser, the registry entry for your global list would look something like this:


    Then grab all the sections of the reg file that relate to these lists, and paste them into a new notepad window. Save this as something like serverlist.reg in its own folder, and make sure that you do not create the folder on the root of your repository (since its name will end up matching the name of the package you are going to create.)

    You will also need to make sure that you not only grab the global list shown above, but that you get the registry entries pertaining to the lists for every terminal user and Citrix connection, as you do not want the lists to be inconsistent between user profiles and connections.

    Now you’ll need a script to get this onto WDM. The script should be something like the following:

    Description=Updates the ICA server list to include new entries
    Category=Device Configuration

    CO "CEN"
    LU "The administrator is updating the configuration for this device"
    SF "CEConfig" "serverlist.reg" "REPLACE"

    Save this with a filename matching the name of the folder you created for your reg file, and give it a .rsp extension. Please note that the “number” entry in the script must also match the folder name. You must also make sure that the rsp file is located 1 level outside of the folder that contains the reg file.

    Next, we need to register it as a package in WDM. Go to the package manager, right click and select new->package. When the new package wizard appears, select “Register a Package from a Script file (.RSP)” and click “next”. Click the “…” button on the next screen and navigate to the rsp file you created. If you receive any errors at this point, make sure that the rsp’s filename, the name of the folder you created, and the “number” entry in the rsp are all consistent. Click “next”. If you get to the next screen without any problems, just keep clicking “next” until you get to the last page. Then click “finish”.

    You should now be able to schedule your terminals to receive the updated server list without re-imaging them.

    Hopefully this will work for you, though I can’t guarantee that it will.

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