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    Dear all,

    I’m currently in a project migrating legacy fat clients to WYSE Thin clients, most of our TC will be S10 as we don’t need any special devices connected to them. But we have some legacy hardware which needs the s90 to play nice so we are also installing some of them (about 10-20).

    My problem now is, that as we are working in production where we want restrict the acces to the workstation the very most possible, we want the S90’s to auto connect to the published desktop.

    I investigated two possibilities,

    1. Autologin with the user account and login through the WINDOWS login form on the server (This seems impossible to me, and my superior doesn’t want people to authentify via the Citrix client)

    2. Add the TC to the domain, so the user logs in with his credentials and then auto-connects with SSO (Single Sign On) to the published desktop. (I would prefer this approach, but I don’t find out how I can force the client to auto-connect on login to the citrix desktop, preferably without showing first the Windows desktop)

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,

    Sven Clement

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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