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    Recently I have encountered an issue with the buttons in an application not working correctly after it was upgraded. When a user enters their credentials at the app login screen and hits OK it closes the application but will log them in when they hit Enter instead. The same problem of the application exiting occurs when selecting other various buttons throughout the application. This only happens when a user launches the published app from the server that their published desktop is running on. HOWEVER, the application will function correctly from a WTOS device if the published app is launched from a different XenApp server than the one their published desktop resides on. If anyone has encountered this issue before please let me know what steps were taken to resolve it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
    Here is some background info…
    XenApp5 and XenServer 6 provisioned using CPS6. Issue encountered with 7.1_033, 7.1_036, and 7.1_122. Issue does not happen when the application is launched from any device other than a WTOS t/c.

    I have opened a case with Wyse but am hoping that someone may have some insight while I wait for a return call.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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