another Newbie with 9450XE questions

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    I just got a 9450xe and I try to image it using Wyse Simple Imager but all I got every time I try is “Firmware is not compatibleâ€￾

    Searching the forum, I opened the case so I can check the Flash Module and I noticed that there was a HDD 20GB connected and no sign of flash module. Entering bios show only the disk as secondary master.

    Can I install the image on the hard disk?

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    No, you can’t. But you can install Windows XP Pro on the HDD instead.


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    I did install win xp pro but it’s toooooooooooo slow

    Is there any way to install embedded ?

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    The only way I can think of for you to install XPe would be to find a way to use WSI to write the image to a flash drive, then make a blockwise copy of that to the hard drive – I use a Ubuntu LiveCD with the “dd” command – and then use a partition editor (like GParted, also on the LiveCD) to expand the partition to fill the hard drive. Once you’ve done that, you could then permanently disable the Enhanced Write Filter if you want, since one of the reasons for using it is to prevent the Flash from being destroyed by constant write activity. (The other, of course, is to keep Ordinary Users from messing up the system configuration.)

    I haven’t actually tried this, mind you – but it might be possible to do this using an IDE-to-CompactFlash adapter and a suitable CF card in place of the Wyse DiskOnModule that plugs directly into the IDE port on the motherboard.

    Also, if you have access to Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, you would probably find that it runs MUCH faster than standard XP; it’s based on XP Embedded, actually, though the user experience is much closer to XP Pro. Unfortunately, it’s not available as a retail product – it’s only officially available through Microsoft’s Software Assurance program.

    Good luck!

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