A couple of questions about the S30

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    Basically, I’m wondering just how “locked down” the S30 terminals are.

    I know that on the later hardware revisions (the RoHS models) the RAM is a SODIMM and the Flash is a 44 pin IDE DOM. Is there anything (other than space) that would prevent me from swapping in something like a 4GB DOM or a 2.5″ hard drive? Anything that would prevent me from installing XP to that?

    I’ve got a MSDN account through my university, so licensing isn’t an issue.

    I’m working on a project where I need a low power computer to install at an antenna site in order to maintain a connection to a wireless network and share it over ethernet. Right now, a used S30 looks to be a decent starting point, and certainly more attractive than $120 chunks of low-loss coax.

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    The only thing that could kill this project would be the limited BIOS of the S30. Could be that the bigger flash is not recognized or your boot device to install XP on the S30 later is not recognized.
    Other than that, it should work fine.


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