9455XL Optical Drive Bracket?

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    Not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but it seems the closest.

    I’ve got a secondhand 9455XL that’s missing the internal bracket that would allow the installation of a slimline optical drive. Does anyone know where I might get one – or specifics on the case manufacturer and model that might help me track one down? I’ve seen the case for this unit in a VIA whitepaper on the Mini-ITX motherboard form factor, so it’s not a Wyse-specific case.

    The bracket I’m after is clearly depicted in Figure 6 on Page 11 of this Wyse PDF tech document.

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    Don’t think there are any other vendors selling this.
    I would contact Wyse and ask if they have one on spare somewhere.
    I know that some offices have their own demo pool and sometimes these kind of HW is sold very cheap.


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