9450 unable to use sound in a Citrix Session

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    Dust off your old winterms and pull out that old 9450!

    Is anyone still running any Wyse 9450’s? I have a customer attempting to connect to a citrix farm, however the citrix session is unable to detect a sound card and play any audio.

    If they connect using an S90 to the same citrix server it works fine.

    They have reimaged the 9450 back to factory (build 330sp1 -its the old 192mb flash version), and updated ICA to version 10 as per the wyse 9450 download site.

    The 9450 can play audio/video locally without any problems, it just doesn’t work in a citrix session.

    There are no citrix polices being applied to ‘clientnames’ etc. All testing from both winterms is on the same citrix server. Any ideas? I know the 9450’s are old but i would imagine they should still work as per any xpe device unless someone knows differently.

    thanks guys
    (surely this one will stump you!)

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    Hi Steinlager,

    I used to manage a network with 200 9450’s and 9455’s on SP1 and sound worked fine (PS3). Check the module.ini file and Appsrv.ini files to make sure that the sound device has not been disabled. Do this on a standard image before upgrading to ICA10 as the upgrade may be what is causing the problem,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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