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    hi, are there any settings to fix the colour of the labels given to ICA icons on the desktop,

    i have a white backdrop with a nice company logo centred on it and 2 ICA shortcuts which appear with back writing,

    since the upgrade the icon writing now matches the desktop color so you cant read them.

    i have tried various things to make them stand out with no joy,

    if i use desktop= and just get the ncie Wyse backdrop they appear fine, but the company logo is a requirement for us πŸ™

    thanks for any info


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    This is a known issues I have seen myself at teh end of the beat process. Unfortunately there is no fix until now that I am aware of.
    Open a case with Wyse to push this furhter.


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    Edit the WNOS.ini file and under Display settings put this in

    If the Background is dark, the text should automatically be in White

    But if you have a light colored background and want the text to be in black, add this
    DeskColor=”255 255 255″

    It changes the BACKGROUND color to white, there for it makes the text black.

    Our background changes all the time, light to dark and so on. So i keep this in here with a # just in case i need it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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