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    Any help converting an old 3235 from WTOS to WinCe. The thin client was originally WinCe and was converted WTOS. I have a procedure (see below) but step 4 (hold P key and power on unit) does not work.

    Converting Blazer to CE.net
    1. In case of 1125SE rename FRL_CODE.CE to TWA_code. In case of
    1200PLUS rename ULC_CODE.CE to UTC_code.
    2. Put them in WYSE/WNOS subdirectory of a FTP server’s root folder.
    3. Put the IP address of this FTP server in the network setup of Blazer.
    4. Hold the “P” key and power on unit, the unit will beep twice, and then it will
    load the XXX_code to NOR from FTP server.
    5. The unit auto reboots and by default says no OS found use netxfer…..
    6. Configure netxfer to send the version of CE.net code you would like to go
    back to (ex. 506.4.7) and rename it to bootp.bin.
    7. Hold p-key and power on the unit to send new ce.net image.

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    Do not hold “p” but press it again and again.
    Do not just switch the unit on but unplug the powercord and plug it is again. Then switch it on.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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