3200LE upgrade to LINUX (DSL)

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    Hi guys,
    I have a Wyse 3200LE and want to make it boot in Linux (DSL).
    There are three sites where I found valuable information, but both require a previous experience with Linux and are not realy clear and troubleshoot oriented.
    These are the sites:
    If any of you did this kind of upgrade, please give me a hand.
    So, here’s the story:
    -I had to factory reset the unit (G-key reset) because it was trying to login into a Cyrix server and I was unable to get to any settings window or something (only login).
    -Now, I get a window to set the Cyrix server :))))) So I cannot just boot into Windows CE and open some “upgrade window” where I could set the IP of the FTP server, etc (as seen in those websites instructions)
    1.-can I boot the unit in Windows CE without Cyrix server ? How ?
    2.-can I do the upgrade to Linux boot using Netxfer ?
    3.-is it OK to use for this a cross-over cable to another computer where Netxfer will run ?
    4.-if Netxfer is not ok for this, what else can I use ? How about a TFTP server ?

    Any comments or ideas, etc, are potential good help.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Yes you can load the factory CE firmware and this will stop the autologin.

    To boot to Linux should be possible however remember that the BIOS has no GUI and is only able to bootp for network boot – not TFTP.

    How about this, set up a bootp environment and try and load a network boot Linux distro,


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    Thanks a lot for your answer TT.
    I want to use this thinclient as my personal webserver and ftp server, as a replacement for the machine that I have these running on now. This is why I would try to avoid loading Linux from a server. I want it stand-alone, as is my current server.
    At least I know now that I can make it boot in CE without autologin.
    But, I have a confusion to clear:
    -you said the Bios is only able to boot on network
    -will this toy load CE and run by itself or it will always need a server to load from ?
    Those sites I found about loading Linux provide some Bios upgrades that make the machine boot on USB, so when you stick a USB drive loaded with Linux….it will boot there.
    So, does the Bios have some sort of hardware limitations that makes it able to boot on the network ?
    Thanks again for your help TT.


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