3125se power issues

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    several of my 3125 will go to what appears to be sleep mode when I plug them in.

    the power light is orange, the monitor light on the monitor turns green, but nothing on the screen.

    I can hold the power button in for 20 seconds or more, light goes off, but as soon as I release the power button it goes back to orange.

    eventually the light goes green and it powers up, but I have users turning these things on, so I need to understand why it is doing this, and how to resolve it.

    anybody else had this issue?

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    The normal behaviour is that the units LED will go to amber as soon as they get power. This will turn either green or go off after some seconds.
    If this does not happen in your case, I assume the units are broken.


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    ah, I see.

    I didnt realize I just needed to wait a minute or so.


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