3125SE Certificate Protocol Error

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    Greetings everyone, need a little bit of help…. I have a WYSE 3125SE for remote desktop use at the company where I work. The unit worked fine on a Windows 2000 server network SP4. Recently the Admin updated the server with a hotfix/patch and for some reason this WYSE unit stopped working properly. I downloaded the new firmware, made a FTP location and updated the firmware to CE 5.0 This did not fix RDP problem. when I try to connect tor our R2 server it works fine and logs in, when I try to login to the R7 (Windows 2000 SP4) server.. it says that there is a Certificate Protocol error. When I look under the TSC Licenses there are no certificates. Has anyone had this problem? I am completely stuck.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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