3000 series browser options?

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    I’m looking to turn a 3125SE into a browser kiosk, but CE has such a lame browser.

    I have the latest build of CE 5 installed, even that browser is lacking. Flash support is the big “need” here, PDF would be nice too.

    any hints? or i could just slap together a mini-itx system. or maybe head over to the Linux Terminal Server site and just point my RDP session at a preconfigured browser-only Mozilla app?



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    Yep, as you have discovered the CE browser is a cut down version of IE and missing many components. You can get flash and PDF viewers but these are sold as additional software, not free. (Wyse buys these in from third parties)

    If you want a Kiosk for general Internet access with all the functionality unfortunately you will need IE on XPe. If you can live with reduced functionality the suggestion of RDP to a Mozilla app could be great or buy the flash/PDF viewers for CE.

    I use a V90 with this application for large scale kiosk deployments:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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