1200LE ThinOS – works with XenApp6?

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    We use a combination of 1200LE, S10, C10LE and V10L Wyse terminals, all running ThinOS.

    We used to use PNLite on our PS4 farm, but this didn’t work for the 1200LE devices so we now create separate connections in wnos.ini for each desktop or application.

    I’m struggling to create a new connection for our test XenApp 6 farm.

    2 Questions –
    Will all of the above devices work with XenApp 6 (Windows 2008 r2)?
    Is is possible to get all of the devices working using PNLite?


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    How did you go with this?

    Ours dont seem to pass through the authentication details (so you get a normal windows logon prompt) and they also seem to cause the server to die a slow death when you logon using one.

    We are running XA6 on R2.


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    We are also running 1200LE on a Xenapp6 farm, and have dubbel login. Wery frustrating for the users.

    Also we have some kind of “slow death” on the servers, but I am not sure it is related to the 1200LE terminals.

    “Slow death” is more precisly for me crash in svchost_terminalserver and symptoms is unable to quser on server, users are getting harder and harder to get work done, things hanging, and unable to logon of off server. Unable to reboot server.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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