1200LE Keyboard/Mouse Issues

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    I’ve just got some new mice to use with the 1200LEs however they don’t work. One particular model of mice which won’t work are Logitech M90s.

    I’ve done some messing around and with the latest version of the firmware I’ve found that:

    If there’s no keyboard plugged in on startup, the mouse will work fine.
    If a keyboard is plugged in after, the mouse will stop working as soon as it’s plugged in.
    If I unplug the mouse and plug it back in a few times whilst the unit is running, both the keyboard & mouse will work together with no problems until the unit is restarted.

    Has anyone come across this issue before and is there any solution to this, it’s definitely possible to have both the keyboard and this particular model of mouse working together at the same time so I’m not quite sure why they won’t work at all times.

    With older versions of the firmware the mice won’t work at all, not even without the keyboard plugged in.

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    I doubt you will be successful here.
    1200LE is really old – more than 10 years.
    Check out with a different unit like C10LE or T10.


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    I have encountered the same issue with M100 and the 1200LE/3200LE thin clients. I ended up returning them and using a different model mouse.

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